Tuesday, September 7, 2010

5 years in the making

so this weekend peter & I celebrated our 5th wedding anniverary... 5th! I (along with many others I told) could hardly believe it has been that long already. In October 2003 the Lord turned my world around when I started dating Pete. We were engaged December 15 2004 and married September 3, 2005. Since then, God has taken us on a whirlwind ride through 4 jobs, 4 homes, 2 children and everything inbetween. It has certainly been adventurous. But I wouldnt trade a minute of it. We love each other now more than we ever have before and enjoy the thoughts of being together for many more years to come. Did not deserve and couldnt have dreamed up a better man for me. Thank you Lord for 5 amazing years... looking forward to all you have for us in the next 55 :)

So we kinda made the festivities last the weekend... especially since we decided not to go out of town. Friday we took the girls to a Clippers game with some box seats&parking we got from a friend. It was a wonderful evening! The girls couldnt have been cuter and as always, it was more fun watching them enjoying something than actually enjoying it ourselves. Here are a couple shots from the evening...

ellia kept saying she would keep her glove "just in case a ball comes mommy, just in case"

great seats!

ok... so i have to admit something simply disgraceful. i have never had a funnel cake. i know i know... my name is tiffany and i... have never had a funnel cake. so we saw people walking around with these things and it looks like sweet potato fries (which pete loves). so like a thoughtful wife, during a break I went up and got some. Much to my suprise, it was "funnel fries." i ALMOST didnt get them. i ALMOST would have been really sorry. These were AMAZING. Now, I didnt really get very many cuz I had these little swiper fingers... but I thoroughly enjoyed the few i had.

ellia, singing the praises of the funnel fries:

best i could do at a family pic... (sorry el):

Saturday we had some project time around the house and then headed to one of our fav spots Pasquales. We were meeting family to enjoy some time with my cousin Dave who we havent seen since new years. SOO good to see him! Got to spend the evening just enjoying him... didnt get the girls to bed till about 1030 but hey it was worth it!

its so hard... to say goodbye...

Sunday after naps, we dropped the girls at my parents for the night. It was so different being with each other without the little ones - its been a while! I gotta say, even though I really missed them... it was wonderful! Had an amazing dinner at Carrabbas (bruschette, lobster ravioli... need i say more?). Bought a new movie to watch at home & actually got to sleep in! Picked the girlies up on Monday, went out for a fun breakfast to catch up with them - then enjoyed a lazy day at home tinkerin around and watchin tennis.

still got the heat :)

It was a truly wonderful and relaxing weekend celebrating our little family, each other, and all God has done the past 5 years. I love you Peter & always will.

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