Thursday, October 28, 2010

sophie day!

today we had cousin Sophie for the day... how fun watching these girlie's together. they are so different but have lots of fun together - and can be quite silly! because the weather has turned and today was COLD! we had to find plenty to do inside. That meant I had to be on-my-mommy-game, especially with these two because as soon as we would finish one thing, they were asking what was next. Here's a few snapshots of the day & just a tid-bit of the rundown of activities:

potato head:

leaf impressions:

coin impressions:

coin sorting:

a little lunch break on our homemade placemats:

treats and a quick show:

alright alright... so we did sneak outside for JUST a few for some sidewalk chalkin':

and then... though i dont have a pic for it...... NAPS! :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

family Fall outing - Battelle park

the weekend festivities continued right on in to Sunday. Peter had reserved a park/shelter out at Battelle's West Jeff campus. All of the Edmonds clan (thats 10 adults and 9 kiddos) spent the afternoon enjoying the beautiful scenery, grillin out and playin with the kiddos. It was a really nice day to relax and enjoy the season together.
and now, after being there... I've got some big plans for that place - oh the beautiful outings we could plan there :)

here are some shots of the day and my little Fall babies :)...

little garrison takin a snooze...

totally pooped!...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Chris & Cara Wedding

This weekend my cousin Chris (who I consider more like a brother - we're just a lot closer to cousins in my family than in most) got married to the lovely Cara. They have known each other since kindergarten and it was so neat to see how they were brought together. The wedding was absolutely wonderful! Seriously... one of the best weddings I've been to. Little-to-none on the drama front, which seems to be atypical for most weddings - and just a TON of fun! Unfortunately a big piece of the night was missing... aunt joy. It was really sad not having her right there along with us for everything. SO Pete and I took on the duty of filming the wedding - every little detail - so she could feel like she was there. It was a good distraction from her absence.
I'll admit... surprisingly, I got choked up a few times during their big day - at odd moments too (not just when the bag pipes were playing). But it was all in happiness for them. Praying for many years of happiness to come on their marriage journey. Can't believe in just 3 weeks, we'll be doin it all again for his sister!
Here are a few snapshots of the day... admittedly poor quality. I'd share the actual video too... but my dads dance moves are just too much to handle :)