Thursday, October 28, 2010

sophie day!

today we had cousin Sophie for the day... how fun watching these girlie's together. they are so different but have lots of fun together - and can be quite silly! because the weather has turned and today was COLD! we had to find plenty to do inside. That meant I had to be on-my-mommy-game, especially with these two because as soon as we would finish one thing, they were asking what was next. Here's a few snapshots of the day & just a tid-bit of the rundown of activities:

potato head:

leaf impressions:

coin impressions:

coin sorting:

a little lunch break on our homemade placemats:

treats and a quick show:

alright alright... so we did sneak outside for JUST a few for some sidewalk chalkin':

and then... though i dont have a pic for it...... NAPS! :)

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