Sunday, July 11, 2010

latest DIY completion!

probably not gonna believe this but... the porch is FINISHED! YAY! although there are a few very minor touch-ups here and there, etc., I think I can officially say its done. goodbye leaning porch, goodbye wasp nests, goodbye scary cabinets, goodbye nasty outdoor carpet, goodbye old milk pass-through, goodbye hazardous stairs, goodbye dingy everything... and hello pottery barn replica! after months of really hard work, we can now relax and enjoy our new mud room. of course, we couldn't just let it be at the porch... you know, when you start one project it always leads to at LEAST one more. So we also tackled all our landscaping - HUGE!
So as the final credits roll through... big thanks to the brains and back of the operation, my dad (without whom we'd never accomplish any DIY, ever), a huge help - my uncle jim, hardest worker/landscaper/babysitter my mom, the awkward and yukky work go-to-guy hardworking and mostly patient hubby, (i must say i worked pretty hard on this too if I can throw that in ;), and of course the little girlies for bearing with us while they didnt always have our complete attention & had many a nap interrupted by sawing, drilling, etc.!
so as we put yet another project behind us, we are excited to enjoy the rest of our summer and try and remember what a normal weekend is like. ill apologize in advance for the excessive amount of pictures, but just had to keep a good record of all we went through! :) heres a glance at our latest DIY before/during and after pics...

Before - didnt get the greatest before pic - they already started ripping out cabinets, etc. before i had the chance...


dad made the bench around the baskets pete & i found. then i made the cushion for the top! (with moms help of course)

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