Wednesday, August 18, 2010

birthday fun

in light of my birthday tomorrow i thought i would share a few of my current favorite things (in no particular order)...

-Starbucks vanilla bean scones
-peanut butter filled pretzels
-arnold palmer lite (by the jug!)
-unique and amazing blogs
-five guys cajun fries
-remi's smile
-ellie's ornriness
-lemon zest luna bars
-family pictures
-learning new things about parenting
-crate & barrel & container store
-dreaming up a business
-room makeovers & random crafty projects
-family after-dinner walks
-few and far-between hubby date nites
-giada at home
-the fact that my Jesus never gets tired, never changes, and has a perfect plan
-getting SO close to fall and buckeye football!
-new baking creations
-when pete gets home from work
-reading "sheparding a childs heart"
-staying home with my girls

...these are a few of my favorite things....!

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