Wednesday, August 4, 2010

foo foo

today the girls and i went over to Gram's house for cousin Sophie's 3rd birthday party! It was a little birthday tea party and lived up to everything G-I-R-L! Its moments like these that you gotta love being a mommy to girls :) 4 little 2-3year olds got together and heres what went down:

-dressing up in adorable little dresses
-making their own pretend soup (cut up fruit and an orange sauce) & scarfing
-making yummy necklaces out of fruity cheerios... much more fun to eat than craft they discovered!
-not-so-daintly enjoying heart-shaped pb&j's, mini cheeses, crackers and peppermint tea.
-discovering all the goodies inside their Gram-made purses (crowns, bracelets, chapstick, etc.)
-decorating yummy cupcakes with all the pink icing and sprinkles the could get their hands on... and yes, devouring!
-helping the birthday girl open her fun presents & helping her play with them too.

Perfect little girly-girl froo froo foo foo party. Happy Birthday Soph!

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