Monday, August 30, 2010

happy birthday ME

thanks for all who made my birthday so fun. ya know, every year that passes, especially as Im getting into my mid-late 20's, people care less and less about birthdays. funny... cuz I still care just about as much as I did for my 13th! well mom and dad always put in the extra care to make it a special day. so we enjoyed a fun and delicious dinner at Cheesecake factory and passed on the Cheesecake. WHAT?! yes, I know, its bad. BUT i have had my mom's delicious ice cream cake probably every birthday (at least i can't remember one without it). so the tradition stood and we enjoyed black raspberry ice cream cake (as well as a few mighty good gifts).
Don't worry, the hubby didnt fail either. He suprised me with a really fun evening at Battelle night at the Clipper's new stadium. Its been quite a while since we've been out by ourselves, so I think we both really enjoyed talking adult talk, without being interrupted and being able to eat our own food :)
anyway, twas a good birthday with several nice gifts and cards and yumminess.
wow... 26... can't believe it.

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