Wednesday, December 22, 2010

not so bad afterall

ok so confession: im not really a "girls-night-out" kinda girl. i don't know what it is... but Ive just never been that into it. im sorta a home-body i guess. i mean, don't get me wrong, i LOVE my friends and have such a great time with them... but totally honestly, if I have free time, I ALWAYS want to spend it with Peter and the girls. Think what you want about that, but its just the way I am. I'm not lookin to get out or get-away at any possible chance and actually almost avoid it as much as possible. I TRULY would love to be with Peter (and my girls) ALL the time.
HOWEVER... a few of my girlfriends in a small group I'm involved in, decided it would be a holiday treat to have such an event. ya know... no kids, enjoy a hot meal, not rush in an out of everywhere, nothin to carry or wipe up :) anyway... they decided on dinner, some holiday shopping, dessert at the Melting Pot and a night at a hotel. So I'll admit, the home-bodiness kicked in a bit, causing me to opt out of the hotel BUT I did let loose and join in the rest of the fun. and that's exactly what it was... FUN! we had such a great time just relaxing together and enjoying lots of laughs (with the help of a particularly hilarious waiter). It was such a nice treat to enjoy some adult girl company and some yumminess. I was just as excited pulling in the driveway, knowing I'd get to see the boy... but I will step up to the plate and have to fully admit: girls night out was totally fun and I look forward to doing it again! :)... (at least our very tame and innocent version of it)

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