Tuesday, December 14, 2010

weekend wonderland

well let the December MADNESS begin! The second weekend in December... and it was jammed packed. Besides the usual craziness of trying to get a tree up and decorated, the house decked for Christmas, shopping lists checked off, etc. etc. We filled the weekend with about 5 other big items. Friday my mom & dad, me and the girls took a little road trip down to IKEA. This was no easy feat... but lots of fun! I LOVE that store and I am certainly glad it takes a full 2 hours to get there - otherwise, it could be quite dangerous on our bank account. We drove back and made it home just in time for Pete & the girls and I to head off to dinner with some good friends who we haven't seen in WAY too long. It was a fun evening catching up with Kris & Maria - and I'm excited for our baking-Christmas music day we have planned soon! :) Saturday we went and got... oh wait, I just realized what we did was for a Christmas gift - so I'll share later :) Saturday evening we had such a fun night celebrating with my Dad at his firehouse - our last Saturday pizza night there. They made him a huge ax out of cake to mimic the ax he received for his retirement. I love hangin around the firehouse - something about that smell, I will never forget. I'm just glad the girls got to experience a little of it before papa finished up. I'll probably miss it more than dad ;)

Sunday we made the long snowy and rainy trek to Cleveland. but it was SO worth it. We got to celebrate with our dear friends at their baby shower! It is always a joy to watch those you love be blessed with a bunch of new beautiful things to start their family. Hung around a little after to see their new pad and chill with them. Then it was a LONG and snowy 3.5 hour trip home. I just can HARDLY wait till their little guy is born! February will bring lots of fun things :)

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