Friday, December 3, 2010

spreading a little Jesus

tonight pete and I had the pleasure of being door-greeters at our church's LCT concert (living Christmas tree). This is a HUGE production they put on every year, but this year they did something a little different. They decided for the opening night they would just give all the tickets away to different community organizations, inviting over 3000 people! We had folks from the local homeless shelters, international friendship students at OSU, pdhc, W.A.R.M and several other really neat ministry organizations around Ohio. We even sent buses around to bring people down.
Since pete & I are on our church's leadership team, we got to volunteer in some way for that evening. We were door-greeters... getting to smile and welcome 2-3 thousand people into our church doors that might never have had an opportunity to do so otherwise. More importantly, each one of those people were able to hear and experience the story of Jesus' birth and death, and learn of the Salvation and relationship He offers and desires.
We were FROZEN... I mean feet stiff, hands numb, lips blue, etc... but didn't even notice. We were so wrapped up in God's goodness that evening - overwhelmed with thanks to Him for this opportunity to love on His people, even with a a smile and simple "hello & welcome!" "thanks for coming" "great to see you" "Merry Christmas!". We pray that many tonight felt the love that only JESUS can give.

thanks to ellia's dancing partner.. i mean um, uncle jimmy and aunt karen for giving the girls such a fun evening while we were away! :)

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