Saturday, November 6, 2010

Kel & Jon become ONE!

so the brother and sister were married within just a couple weeks of each other. Chris and Cara back in October and today, Kelly & Jon. This was such a unique, but absolutely beautiful wedding. I loved how much they made it their own... it was totally them, and totally great. The church was AMAZING - old and beautiful. They had their friends standing on a loft edge, playing the music (which was my favorite part by the way). no wedding party per-say... but a group of girls came up together dressed in vintage hats to each do a portion of the reading. they held a mini communion & Kelly wore her mom's dress, just altered a bit. She was stunning. They were so happy and it was truly a joy to experience the day with them.
The reception was held at Little Turtle and was just as delightful. We were, however, missing again a big part of the day... JOY. Aunt joy couldn't make it to this wedding either, so we did the video-making again. She was missed for sure.
We are so excited for Kelly and Jon... and also at the same time can't imagine all the stress and emotion of my aunt & uncle (giving away their son & daughter over the course of 3 weeks). bittersweet for sure.
So happy to watch our family expanding! :)

We recorded the whole wedding, so I won't delight you with an hour+ video (although you'd probably enjoy seeing ellia and her "moves" on the dance floor, but a few pics of our day will suffice:

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