Monday, November 29, 2010

Remae turns one!

CAN NOT BELIEVE my little girl is already one. Where does the time go? please STOP - sit back down, get back in that little car seat, snuggled in with your hospital hat on!
What a year though! we've been through a lot with Remae and her eyes and you'd never know it - she is the greatest JOY ever (well besides ellia :) She is truly the happiest baby, the most wonderful smile and temperament. And if I could, I would STOP, stop time and everything right now - because this has GOT to be my favorite time. Ellia is almost three and Remae is now one... not quite talking, but laughing, making sounds and trying to communicate. not quite walking, but moving around, standing and exploring. not quite eating, but learning how to chew and enjoy the wonderment of experiencing new foods. not quite out of the "baby" stage, but no longer a newborn. Just trying to take it all in and enjoy every moment, because I'm realizing all too well how fleeting they are. Although, the one thing I'm banking on: my dad used to tell me that each stage I went through, he wished I would stop because it was his favorite and he didn't want me to change... but each stage i inevitable changed into, he enjoyed even more. I have a feeling that's exactly the way I'll be. Once again, I sit and look at all I've been given and am totally overwhelmed with thanks to my God.
So here we are, celebrating her! although Remae turns one on the 30th, we had her 1st birthday party on Sunday the 28th. We rented out a room at a local community center and it worked out great! There was space and toys for the older kids to play & we had a good spread of snacks and treats for our 30ish guests. I fully enjoyed whippin up all the goodies for the party! My friend Ashley stopped by the party (who is an amazing photographer) and she ever-so-kindly snapped some shots of the day too so here are some of our pics from the party (ok so more than just some - i couldn't resist)! HAPPY BIRTHDAY my sweet little one year old REMAE! couldn't love you more & although I wish I could stop time, i can't wait to see what you're like in the next stage.

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