Saturday, November 27, 2010

turkeytime, crazytime, thankfultime

WOW! what a week! So excited to have my brother and his wife and daughter HOME for Thanksgiving this year. They came in from Georgia on Sunday and stayed the week, leaving Saturday morning. It was a crazy week, packed full of activities, parties, food, family, AHH! but it was such a wonderful week. a little rundown, as if the turkey didn't make you tired enough:)
Sunday nite: dinner @ mom and dads to welcome tony, monica and madison home
Monday: lunch, zoo lights, dinner
Tuesday: surprise party prep all day, surprise adoption pizza party for madison
Wednesday: lots and lots of thanksgiving prep, cookie baking
Thursday: 2 thanksgivings, both over 20 people each, tons of REALLY good food :) - relaxin with family
Friday: lunch, prep, busyness, dinner
Saturday: prep, shop, prep for Remae's 1st birthday party tomorrow (will blog about that later)
Enjoyed this week and ready for a two-day long nap... don't see it in my future though. SO SO much to be thankful for... not just this week during Thanksgiving, but we are so very blessed and greatest of all those blessings = a relationship with our Jesus.

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