Friday, May 21, 2010

102.4 perfection

when you have kids, there are all kinds of big special times to celebrate and remember (birthdays, holidays, special accomplishments, milestones, etc.). they are all very exciting things you can plan for and look forward to, document, create and embed special memories from... noteworthy and memorable times. many im sure i don't even know about yet but certainly dream of and hope for.

and then..... there are those unparalleled glimpses of perfection. quick snapshots out of just livin' life and experiences together. no not "perfect" as flawless, but "perfect" as in pure and unequalled moments. they probably come more often than i take the time to recognize...but they are gone in an instant. when i am able to stop and really enjoy those quick bursts of blissful moments, i am overwhelmed with thankfulness. i had one such moment tonight:
having a fantastically fun evening with friends when a fever hits ellia out of nowhere. she didnt want to eat or drink or do anything, just be held - you could tell she was pretty sick. hubby and the other couple went to check on dessert, while i took ellia (in nothing but a diaper) out on the porch swing. i just held her while swinging and the rain was pouring down and we were getting the perfect breezes. it was so quiet except for the rain. and i just thought to myself "there is absolutely, positively, whole-heartedly NO WHERE else i would rather be." no balloons or camera and though the circumstances were less than ideal, i wouldnt change that moment for anything. i poured out thanks to my Jesus for everything He's provided, but most of all for this simple, may-not-seem-all-that-exciting-to-anyone-but-me, perfect moment. within minutes she was asleep on me (which she never does anymore) and i soaked it all in.
a perfect moment cherishing my treasure.

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