Monday, May 31, 2010

ice cream, u scream!

after several exhausting and trying weeks, we were more than ready for a long weekend! nothing too extravagant planned, just some time to rest and relax, maybe do some projects & cleaning, and enjoy being together. so far... we've done just that - with a little bit of ice cream thrown in :)
friday nite we went out to eat at an old date-favorite spot that we hadn't been to in quite some time. headed home and topped the evening off with a long walk around uptown's "4th Friday" and caving-in to the long line at Graeters (new blackberry white chocolate chip... um yes, i think so). saturday, pete and dad worked on the seemingly never-ending porch/mud-room project, while i played with the girls, then tackled another project during naptime. i almost finished up making a bench cushion for the new mud room & am pretty pleased with the turn out... lovin these afternoon projects! with sunday came (well if youve read my previous posts, i wont go into detail but lets just say a for sale sign was in order) church and a fun afternoon at Nana & Papa's, which included grillin out, bubbles, corn-hole, sissy mae turning 6 months! and of course... more ice cream. ellia's first sprinkler fun run attempt = FAIL.
memorial day rain = fam house cleaning & organizing day! mommy cleans while everyone else naps :) looking forward to an extra "vacation" day tomorrow which im fairly certain will include some zoo-time! here are some other shots of our simple weekend fun...

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