Monday, May 17, 2010


so i always pictured my little girls going to sunday school, neighborhood bible club, etc. and similar experiences like we had... places she could absorb teaching about our Savior. never did i think at 2, ellia would be able to learn bible verses. shes amazed me so much already with spouting off her months (in order i might add), her abc's, too many words for me to count, so many different songs, and basically being able to carry on a fairly normal conversation with us. so it just hit me the other day... if shes soaking so much in like a sponge, why not hit her with some verses from the Bible. although she can't quite grasp the full meaning yet, she will hopefully be able to hide these words in her heart. this is what 3 days of medium-effort work on John 3:16 became (p.s. i couldnt be more proud):

on a much much lighter note... in the same sitting as the previous video, we captured ellia's recreation of her fav commercial. in my opinion, staples has got nothin' on her...

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