Wednesday, May 26, 2010

our funny float flogging

so im enjoying the Lord's humor today as he worked over my poor attitude last night. Peter and I are on the Leadership Team at our church and we meet together once a month to discuss things we can improve on. we got an email heads-up that we would be discussing our church's involvement in the Westerville 4th of July parade. very honestly, my immediate reaction to this information was "oh thats a good idea! sounds like something i would normally really love to do... but i am just about as committed to stuff as i can be right now - so this is one thing we ARE NOT going to do! we'll give some ideas at the meeting but then let this one slide past us." To add to it, Peter had been sick and even taken a half-day off work, so in the car on the way he said "i'll go but im not sayin much. i dont really feel like doing this tonight so ill sit and listen."

We left last nights meeting as the head leading couple to organize this event. Peter is in charge of everything and I'll be his right-hand gal. I'm also in charge of our yearly summer picnic which was committed to me again this summer. we have to plan everything for this parade in about 5-6 weeks. we laughed as we drove home at how often we think we have total control over what goes on. the Lord obviously wants us involved in this event... not sure why, but hopeful to see what He'll teach us. looks like He's gonna start with our we'll-make-our-own-plans-thank-you-very-much attitudes :)

"We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps." Proverbs 16:9

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