Saturday, May 15, 2010

a step away from easy-bake

so a planned morning trip to the zoo changed quickly to some good-ole' garage sale hopping. i found myself reeled-in to a few big baby/kid sales in a fancy neighborhood on the way & had what I felt was one of my more proud-bargain-mommy moments. $10 got me some pink gap shoes, a ralph lauren shirt & dress, 5 nice books and wait for it....

yes, thats right... Ellia finally got herself a little play kitchen. though nothing too "gourmet" about it, i just couldnt resist the deal of a perfectly sized kitchen, a bucket full of kitchen toys, (and the dream of someday soon having my own experienced cooking buddy in the kitchen with me). I know its only a step away from the classic (& inevitable) easy-bake oven purchase, but the joy of watching her face light up & spend the whole day doing nothing but blending & baking made it so worth it.
...ok so maybe not the best nutritional lessons here but what can I say?

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