Wednesday, June 9, 2010

can you not find me?

ellias newest game is running into the nearest closet and shouting "mommy, can you not find me where i am so you wont find me where i am?" she says this probing me and daddy to start a conversation going something like this...

me: oh no, daddy do you know where ellia is? I think I lost her!
daddy: no! maybe shes going nite-nite?
(enter about 5 more possibilities to make it fun)
me: maybe shes outside??
daddy: yup! i bet shes outside... we better go out and get her.
me: ok! bye
daddy: see ya later! (enter fake stomping as if we are leaving).

ellia then swings the door open with an enourmous grin "here i am!!!" and we all celebrate finding her. this game, though quite tiring when you play it about 10 times in a row, sparked a couple thoughts about our relationship with the Lord...
the thing is... He's always looking for us. We are his bride that He loves and adores. But how often do we really want to be "found." I think a lot of the time I'd rather fall through the cracks and just slide on by smoothly through life, rather than face the "good" He has for me. When He says He works for the "good" of those who love Him... it hardly ever matches up with our version of "good." Good doesnt mean everything will turn out just how we think it should, but rather perfectly for His plan. Trusting God means being okay with having nothing to do with the plan. Its His and for Him. Welcoming His version of "good" is like being found - a celebration of true relationship.

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