Friday, June 18, 2010


i gotta document this because... well, i think its pretty impressive. and what better place to brag on your kid?

so i secretly pride myself on being fairly good at recognizing cars and their model. by absolutely no means knowledgeable or even at an "excellent" or "great" level... but pretty good - for a girl. from my experience, most females are fairly clueless about cars, which is totally understandable. its not exactly the most interesting thing and lets face it: there are just so many other much more exciting things to fill up those brain cells with than useless car info. all that being said i have been beyond impressed with ellia lately. almost every time we've been in the car over the last couple weeks, we will inevitably drive past another CRV. when we do, ellie will yell out "mommy! that matches our car, only ours is white!" i mean, come on right?? she has consistently spotted the same model of CRV as ours and she never gets it confused with a similar vehicle. whats even funnier is she also seems to be able to tell the difference between the higher-level model and ours ;) i think i could safely say that there are many grown women who couldn't do this.

i like to think she gets this skill straight-up genetically from me :) Gotta love the useless knowledge starting at a mere 2 1/2.

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