Sunday, June 20, 2010

daddy's day

today, as i reflect on all i have not only in an amazing dad, but in an amazing husband and father for my kids, i just feel enormously blessed.
i am so thankful for such a diligent husband. he works so hard everyday, very often under an abundance of stress. he soaks things in, learns so much, goes above and beyond, never compromises integrity, doesn't seek out credit or promotion, is fair, honest and diligent. i know im biased... but the ideal employee. and why??? why does he get up monday-friday, sick or well to head to an all-day jungle of experiences? all just to make sure his family is taken care of and needs are met - he's not looking to win some nobel prize or invent something out of this world (although i think he could)... just do the best he can at the job God has provided, in his best effort to love me and our family.
further, although it is a big sacrifice, both financially and otherwise, i am blessed to be able to be home doing exactly what ive always wanted to do... be a wife, make and keep a home, be a mom, and be available for whatever the Spirit has for me to do. we have been so blessed to be able to run our family like we've both dreamed... never knowing how long it will be like this, but being thankful and feeling blessed each day it is.
and thats just work... what about life at home with the kids and with me? hes just purely amazing. hes the perfect other half in this journey called parenting. when im at my wits end, hes calm and patient - when he can't take it anymore, i do my best to be the same. he loves his girls and cherishes them as treasures. he is engaged in this family - part of the every-day... here. hes the dad you always knew would be perfect with boys... then he had girls and hasn't ceased amazing me. i already knew long ago that i was overwhelmingly blessed to have him in my life. but being able to have him as my husband AND as the father to our kids is beyond anything i could ever ask for or deserve. i may be biased... but i think between my jesus, my dad, my father-in-law, and my peter, i know the four best dads of all time.

thank you jesus.

enjoyed spoiling daddy for fathers day... lunch with my parents at Cap City, two naps, complete care of the girls, requested dinner, dulce de leche white chocolate cheesecake, etc, etc. :)

papa and (two of) his girls...

daddy and his littlest girlie...

dulce de leche white chocolate cheesecake... YUM!

nite-nite story time with daddy to end a great day...

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