Friday, June 11, 2010

laugh of the day

this morning's car conversation....

me: ellia look at that cute park! we're gonna have to go there sometime.
ellia: ohh theres another park!
ellia: mommy theres another one!
ellia: i see another park mommy!
(p.s. this is everytime we passed a yard with a swingset in it or anything resembling play fun)
ellia: mommy theres a pool too!
ellia: mommy we'll have to go to that pool sometime
ellia: mommy theres another park - we should go there
ellia: hey mommy look at that park there

long pause.....
ellia: mommy i dont think you are listening to me

hahahaha too much! not even 2 1/2 yet...
ellia, you are too funny - such a joy to my day.

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