Thursday, June 10, 2010

contest contestant

as i looked around on some new blogs today, I stumbled upon a baking blog which led to another and another. one mentioned a bakery's cupcake recipe contest and i curiously checked it out....
i've officially entered my very first "original recipe" cupcake contest (well anything contest but this happened to be a cupcake one). I am by NO means a chemist so creating my own baking recipes is never something ive attempted to dabble in. i have certainly done my fair share of altering other's recipes... but creating my own-not so much. but i thought whats the harm! the prize had me intrigued so I went for it. This bakery will pick out the top 2 recipes and make them for their customers during a celebration day, allowing them to choose the winner. The winning cupcake will go onto the menu (named after its creator) and i... i mean, the winner will get a percentage of the cupcake's sales during the 1st month. not much... but still kinda exciting. At least exciting enough to tempt me into trying! with a little food chemistry research, I created my own original recipe for "Key Lime White Chocolate Cupcakes with Mascarpone Lime Cream Frosting." Here's hopin' for a miracle!

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