Saturday, June 12, 2010

remi-room facelift

so today's project of choice (while the men were... you guessed it! workin on the porch) was a few crafty items for remae's room. took the girls over to Sew to Speak - an adorable little fabric shop! been wanting to go there for a while now and decided no time was better than a rainy saturday. that place could be pretty dangerous on your wallet! anyway, fell in love with this really cute fabric that i thought would accent remi's room. heres what i worked up with just 1 yard!
covered the matting of a picture frame with the fabric
ready for our newest set of fam pics when they come out!

next i did a fabric covered letter - been wanting to try one of these forever. word to the wise though... not that i recommend it but just in case you wanted to do somethin crazy and say, name your kid for ease of craft projects... there are much easier letters than "R". so try naming your child somethin starting with an L or I :) totally worth the effort though~

used up the rest of the fabric for a quick pillow to go on the rocker.

not bad for one yard and one afternoon i thought! just a fun little (much needed) facelift for remae's room. now on to the next project!

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