Saturday, June 19, 2010

wanna sleep like a baby?

i think one of the most amazing joys of being a parent is watching your little one sleep. theres just something about those moments that i will always cherish and can never get enough of. little can compare to watching someone you love more than words can say, so peaceful, so relaxed, resting before you without a care or worry.

i must say...even better though is the crazy positions you can find them in sometimes! im sure every parent has their fair share of these funny moments but today's find with ellia was just too cute not to share:
so very very unfortunately, i think nap-time is quickly becoming an idea of the past. although i still put ellia up in her room for "nap-time" shes gone almost 2 weeks straight now without falling asleep... ends up just spending the whole time playing, reading, making a mess, etc. so naturally we were a little curious today when things were so quiet... usually that just means major destruction is occuring or at least something ornery. when we went in to check on her, this is what we found:

totally out cold on the toy box in her room! couldnt be more cute.

this spurred up some past memories so i thought id reach into the archive and pull out some oldie-but-goodies:

and one of my personal favorites...

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